County Sheriff Investigation Unit (CSIU) Collaboration & Finance


The Manchester Police Department (MPD) and Winhall Police Department (WPD) have expressed an openness to collaborate with the County Sheriff's Investigation Unit (CSIU). Upon being elected as Bennington County Sheriff, I will promptly contact each department Chief to begin establishing the formal relationship between agencies. However, it must be noted that no formal contracts or agreements have been put in place at this time.

The Sheriff’s Department possesses nearly all necessary equipment to conduct active drug investigations. I have spoken with two very well qualified, level three certified law enforcement officers who have agreed to work for the County Sheriff’s Investigation Unit on a part time basis. Both of these officers have worked within the Vermont State Police – Drug Task Force and have vast experience handling complex state and federal investigations. Due to working less than the full time requirements, I will be paying only their salary, social security, and workman’s compensation. In addition, I will have to purchase two undercover vehicles and three video cameras. The Sheriff’s Department will also make available 4,800.00 dollars yearly (1,200.00 dollars per quarter) to conduct controlled narcotic buys from suspected targets within Bennington County.


The attached financial disclosure for my County Sheriff Investigation Unit (CSIU) will explain how I will pay for my proposed CSIU vision. Please note that the 5% administrative fee will provide the majority of the cost. The remaining $2,061.85 may come from funds identified as, but not limited to:

  • The closing payment of old 2016-2018 BCSD loans (as noted in the BCSD audit) totaling $25,465.00.
  • Current cash on hand within the BCSD (not identified as payroll) totaling approximately $100,000.00.
  • Citizen donations / fundraising efforts.
  • Grants (Federal, State, Corporate (Current BCSD Walmart grant $5,000.00) & Family grants).
  • Asset forfeiture claims.

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Thank you for your time, in addition to your support

on Tuesday, November 06, 2018.